Thirty Pounds Lost!

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It’s been three months and seven days, and I am thirty pounds lighter. My Body Mass Index is now 5.2 less than when I began training on January 15.

I didn’t blog over the past several weeks even though I had several posts ready to go. Much of what I had written was a reflection of the seemingly endless cold temperatures and the monotonous workouts in the gym. Since the weather broke about two weeks ago, I have been outside as much as possible. Many of the routines (repetitive playlists, treadmill time) have been replaced with actually enjoyable exercise (biking thirty plus miles at a time). While I should have focused exclusively on running, the truth is that I needed a mental break with my favorite passion (bicycling) to keep up the exercise.

At this point, all the heavy lifting in preparation for the Broad Street Run is complete. I ran ten miles a few weeks ago (with a break in between the two fives) and I have consistently raised my tempo and distance over the past month. I also ran outside for a bit, given how late spring is this year. I’ll keep the workouts going, but I will probably just keep things steady and not look to run another ten miles until the day of the race.

Regarding my weight, I targeted a loss of 35 – 40 pounds by the Broad Street Run (January 15 to May 4). It looks like I just may make the 35 pound loss mark by then. If not, I still have fundamentally altered my fitness, and I think the difference in a few pounds at this stage will not be nearly as dramatic as the first thirty lost in my preparation.

You can see above that I am near my midpoint in my overall weight loss plan. It is important to note that the target loss is if I reach my ideal weight (four months away), which is much different than when I hit a healthy weight (in just about two months). I will include more details in future posts to provide further context, but I have always considered the Broad Street Run as a great near-term goal to spur more longer-term efforts.

Twelve days to go!!




One Month Until the Broad Street Run!

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BSR start

One month from today I will have run the Broad Street Run. I can hardly believe how quick the months have gone, even with the cruelty of an especially cold winter. My progress to date has continued on pace with my expectations, as I have increased my time and stamina while decreasing my weight.

When I signed up for the race, I made the conscious decision to focus first on my weight loss and second on my running time. Given that in January I was unable to run for more than a few minutes at most, I felt that the number one priority had to be a reduction in weight. No matter how much of a running base I established, it would only produce results as far as my frame and Body Mass Index would allow.

My hunch, which was a bit of a gamble, has seemed to pay off. This past Sunday I ran 10.2 miles total (5.1 at a time and around two hours of rest in between).  My pace was 11:30, which is not ideal but certainly light years better in both time and pace than anything I had previously been able to accomplish.

I do recognize that over this next month I will need to up my calorie intake a bit as it gets closer to the run, just so I can ensure I get all necessary nutrients. While I will not completely switch away from weight loss, I do intend to target my running form and comfort with longer times. I will not run another ten miles more than once before the big day, and I will make sure to do so before the week of the race. I also will adjust to running outside, as to date my runs have been on a treadmill. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but now I need to take advantage of the slightly warmer weather to get comfortable with less controlled environments.

As for my fundraising efforts to help the homeless, I want to thank everyone who has donated so far to get me to $375!! As a reminder, is but one of many ways to donate, so it only catalogs donations through that website. Please see below for the full breakdown:

1) $130 from generous donors via
2) $200 in Well-Being Rewards my company gives for healthy habits
3) $20 from generous donors in person (I will be providing this amount and any other in person donations shortly to the charity)
4) $25 registration fee that goes to the total fundraising amount

I have only $125 to go to the $500 minimum required with one month left of fundraising. As I had mentioned previously, I will be receiving a matching amount from my company following the run, but it does not go to the minimum required before the race. So the total amount will be a minimum of $1,000 to the charity Back on My Feet.

If you can and would like to, please click on this link to donate!!!