Fight Childhood Obesity – Broad Street 2015!

Please donate to help fight childhood obesity!

A year ago, I used the Broad Street Run as a motivator to get in shape. In short, it worked. I raised money for a great charity, wrote an article for a PBS-affiliate and redefined so much of how I live my life. I’ve been blessed with an incredible 2014 and so far an even more promising 2015. So much of the opportunities I now have both professionally and personally resulted from this change in my lifestyle and improvement in my health.10yrsLogo

This time around, I’m running for Students Run Philly Style. A division of the National Nursing Centers Consortium, Students Run Philly Style helps “combat childhood obesity, high school drop-out and youth violence, all while training for some of Philly’s most exciting races.”

This is a great cause and certainly something worthy of one’s support. As I did in 2014, I will be blogging my progress in training for the Broad Street Run this coming May. My training regimen will be quite different from last year, as I am working towards a more comprehensive level of fitness, across both core strength and cardiovascular elements.

There’s plenty more to come, as I will post vitals (via my Basis Peak) as well as descriptions of training, diet, target goals and other fun updates along the way.

Thanks and welcome back! – Rob

Early Birds of Philadelphia Fitness

I’m in this! #NovemberProject #freefitness #Philly

By: Jamie Gray

Jamie Gray set out to see why people are up at the crack of dawn and what gets them out of bed on these frigid winter mornings by asking “What gets you out of bed and moving, this early in the morning?”

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