Back from Clearwater

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I just returned early yesterday morning (2:00 AM) from a week of sun, waves, sand and baseball down in Clearwater, Florida. I already miss the high 70’s / low 80’s and constant walks on the beach. Spring training was fun, even with a team that has more than its fair share of critics. I am probably just the eternal optimist, but I think the Phillies may surprise some people. I could see them compete for the second wild card.

Given it has been awhile since any new posts, I do plan to update the site quite frequently over the next few weeks. As you may have already noticed, I changed up the theme and header image, given snow should hopefully be a thing of the past!

It helps that there are a number of topics of interest I want to discuss. It is a very different feeling than a few weeks ago, where I felt my posts were lacking. I have learned that it is very hard, when in between milestones, to come up with interesting premises on a consistent basis. It probably is 90% mental, as the grind can be very grueling and hard to justify at times.

Going into my third month of fitness training, I may try to better pace my posts, and save certain topics for when I’m not so close (in either direction – coming off of or about to achieve) to a given goal.

Below is a list of themes (in no particular order) I’d like to explore over the next month on the blog. (I am writing them here to remind myself):

Two Months in the Books – General fitness update. Even though I hit that mark this past Saturday, I want to wait a bit until I am back in a “steady” routine to weigh myself for official results. The variables of water weight, eating times, and general routines can create quite all kinds of noise around real results.

Fitness training when on Vacation – I’d like to take a look at all the data my watch collected (and yes, the instances where I finally went watch-free when swimming). I definitely had a different, but hopefully an equally successful approach over this past week to continuing my weight loss.

Recap of my Vacation – This will tie in the fun of the trip with both the difficulties (eating more, treating yourself) and positives (no sitting at a desk) I experienced.

A Busy Spring – Within the next three weeks I expect to be exercising outside in the evenings, which will present its own unique challenges and opportunities. I also will resume (for the final time) studying for the GMAT in the mornings, so I will have an even more packed day. My previous attitude was I couldn’t handle a consulting career, GMAT Prep, and substantial weight loss all at once. Now will be the test.

My Longer Term Goal – I’ve been pretty focused on the short term goal of the Broad Street Run, but to be honest, in the back of my mind I have been eyeing August and my target weight for awhile now.

My Workout Playlist – With the exception of activities outdoors, I rely heavily on a playlist to get me through what can be very monotonous exercise.

The Will To Continue – I try to capture the efforts and attitude needed to continue when I am between milestones grinding through another seemingly endless week of workouts.

Building New Habits – I explain the process in which I have fundamentally changed my routines to facilitate my weight loss.

Here’s to another successful month ahead!


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