Two Months To the Broad Street Run!

Help me raise $500 for the homeless through the charity Back on My Feet.
It is hard to believe, but in two months, I will be lining up to run ten miles in the Broad Street Run. I hope to be in a position to complete the race in a respectable time without much difficulty. It will mark a significant accomplishment, given that when I signed up for the race I was in no condition to complete a ten mile run at anything more than a brisk walking pace, if that.

Given my progress to date,  I am actually excited for the race, as I have noticed significant gains in my fitness and overall running ability. If such gains extend the next two months, I will be light years from where I was in January. It may be that these gains level out, in my general running form, however the decreasing weight will relieve stress placed on my ankles during the run.

It will also be an important inflection point in my overall fitness plan. It is not the culmination of my program, rather the midway point. I will be in much better shape than prior to this program, but I will not be near my target weight for another two to three months. I do plan to continue past the Broad Street Run in my exercise and diet efforts, however I will probably change my exercise to reflect the more enjoyable activity of cycling.

I figure, as some perverse reward for completing the race, in opposed to a cheat day or desert, I will allow myself to really focus on cycling. It’s a true passion of mine, and something I can sink my teeth into, especially after a reduction in my weight. Some of me even wonders if it will be hard to give up running completely, as I have begrudgingly come around to it as a bearable form of exercise.

There will be some rides I will target following the BSR, but for now I should not get too far ahead of myself. I still have sixty days until I wear that runner’s bib and get to run through the greatest city in the world. It will be interesting to look back at this blog and my efforts at that point, but for now I have to just continue the grind.


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