Fundraising Update!!

Help me raise $500 for the homeless through the charity Back on My Feet.
So I have some awesome news: As of today, once everything settles, I will have just surpassed the halfway point ($260) of my fundraising goal ($500). There are some kinks to work out that are keeping my donation page from updating the progress, but below is a breakdown of everything to date:

1) $110 from generous donors!
2) $125 from my firm for healthy habits.
3) $25 from my registration fee.

As it stands now, #2 & #3 will not be reflected in the Active website’s goal tracker. Frustrating, but essentially Back On My Feet uses Active as one of its many intermediaries (in addition to checks, gift cards, etc).

Another awesome perk, but not applicable to my $500 minimum required to be raised, is:

My firm has agreed to provide a grant following the race of a match up to $500 of whatever I raise to the day of the race. Essentially, I still need to raise $500 (or now $240 left) by the race (technically three days later but within that week), and then within the next quarter I’ll receive a matching donation up to $500. So, between the Back on My Feet requirement of $500 raised by May 7th, and the $500 matching that my firm will provide a few months later, at minimum $1,000 will be raised to help the homeless for my entry into the Broad Street Run!!!

Pretty awesome if I say so myself. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE, whether you’re just reading, or donating.

Please donate and keep reading!!


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