Emerging Patterns

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As the weeks have progressed, I am now developing enough of a “fitness history” to see understand my routines. I also can see, week over week, what my general patterns are. For instance, here is a heat map of my calories burned over the past two weeks:

Weekend hikes with my dog dominate the longest of the dark shading, representing the most sustained activities involving substantial calorie burn. It is also easy to see that my success rate at getting up for a morning workout is pretty abysmal.

This type of details helps in identifying patterns I want to keep or grow, and others that really need to go. For instance, you can tell that I skipped a workout last Tuesday.

Fun aside, based upon the below heart rate for this past Saturday night, you can tell that I was engaging in some pretty mean (read: embarrassing) dance moves:

My biggest takeaway from this information is I need to find a way to drop the habit of sleeping too late in the morning. That, and I could do for more consistency in the evenings as to “when” I work out. Some of that, however, is really dependent on job commitments.


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